A haven where I, amongst women worldwide, have a platform to share their innermost thoughts and passions,

whilst relishing in strength, beauty and empowerment of themselves and other LifeStyleHer women.


What is LifeStyleHer?

LifeStyleHer is a movement that defines the new millennial woman by allowing her to discover life’s possibilities and providing her with a blueprint that will challenge the way she thinks. Through the idea of self love, the exploration of cultures, the history of real experiences, and visual stimulation through art and style. LifeStyleHer creates new strategies that will eliminate unhealthy lifestyle habits and behaviors. Our vision is to help every woman live life on purpose. Mashonda entered the public domain at the height of modern day, pop-influenced music culture as a young, determined 18yr old songwriting/recording artist, signed a major publishing deal with Warner/Chappell Music and a recording venture with Sony/Columbia Records.


About Mashonda

Mashonda9064-CroppedBy the time she was 23 years old, Mashonda had already written and performed with some of her generation’s most recognized global recording artists.

In 2005, Mashonda signed a second record deal with Clive Davis’ J Records where she worked on her debut album and embarked on the typical promotional schedule, both domestically and internationally. After the album campaign came to a close Mashonda decided to make conscious lifestyle changes, focusing on becoming a mother and building a family with her then husband.

After a very sensationalized, media-driven, divorce, Mashonda decided to make an even more mindful lifestyle metamorphosis. She began to shift all of her energy into self empowerment and conscious parenting. She began to awaken her own spiritual evolution.

Now an author, integral lifestyle curator and philanthropist, Mashonda focuses her time on helping others explore their own power and potential. Mashonda’s LifeStyleHer brand is a millennial woman’s movement that teaches every woman to live life on purpose by styling themselves from the inside out. As a haven for women worldwide to connect and empower themselves and each other, LifeStyleHer is a platform to express women’s culturally diverse elegance, strength, and talents.

As an author, Mashonda’s latest project “Blend -My Modern Family” shares personally developed strategies for consciously creating a balanced and loving “blended” family life post-divorce.  Through her writing, Mashonda shares her wisdom as a mother, and encourages readers to look inside to eliminate old destructive patterns that work against their hearts desires and the overall health of themselves and their families.  With an unwavering commitment to women’s issues, Mashonda’s philanthropic work includes serving on the board of the Nurtured Parent Support Group for Survivors of Domestic Abuse, a not-for-profit organization that assists and empowers victims through healing, education, and advocacy.


More About Mashonda…

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