All That You Need To Know About Face Mapping

May 31, 2016

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While in most recent years, science has directed us to sophisticated studies and tools to determine the health levels of our organs, for centuries Eastern philosophies have relied on a simple method: face mapping.

Face mapping uses the human face to observe the health conditions of our organs. By observing the luster, dullness and color of different parts of our face, we can see a direct reflection of our bodies organs. This philosophy suggests that recurring acne breakouts in the same areas are in fact red flags to what we have going on internally.

Face mapping can be a helpful diagnostic tool for the holistic practitioner. Dr. Millie Lytle of Tournesol Wellness broke down the areas of our face that are connected to our organs and shared what to look for when using face mapping.

Face Mapping Dr MillieAreas of your face connected to your organs:

  • hairline =  bladder
  • forehead = small and large intestines
  • temples = spleen
  • third eye = liver
  • bridge of the nose = pancreas
  • lungs = cheeks
  • tip of the nose = heart
  • upper lip  = stomach and small intestine
  • corners of the mouth = the colon
  • chin =hormones and gynecological concerns


Dr. Millie says that if your skin shows signs of puffiness, discoloration (redness, darkening, lightening/fading, yellowing or green tinge), dryness, hair growth, acne, eczema, blemishes or changes to the skin quality or texture, it may highlight that the corresponding organs require some attention. Cleansing or nutrition are needed if that organ is over or under-functioning. Such changes on your skin should be brought to the attention of a Naturopath, Dermatologist, Endocrinologist or Ayurvedic practitioner.

 Some examples that support face mapping validity include: hair on the chin a symptom of hormonal disorders such as PCOS eg. rosacea or flushing on the cheeks associated with asthma and asthma medications. Who knew that our face could tell so much?

Dr. Millie Lytle, ND, MPH, CNS is a Naturopathic Doctor, Certified Nutritionist, Author and Educator based in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Dr. Millie is an expert into creating simple solutions to your health puzzles, transforming your relationship with food, as highlighted in her exclusive Eating for Meaning program. Click Here to learn more about Dr. Millie.


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