The Power of Posture

April 14, 2016

“Those who walk around with their heads held high not only get the respect of others, they seem also to respect.- The Economist


Believe it or not, posture is one of those minute things that affect our relationships with ourselves. Yet, posture is seldom something that we give a lot of attention to. In the energy realm, posture is very important and should be taken rather seriously.

Let me explain.

Our posture directly communicates how we feel to our brain. Have you ever paid to attention to your posture when you’re sad or depressed? Most likely you are slumped with your shoulders forward and your head down. Now, remember your posture when you felt great about yourself? Remember that power pose you took that selfie with? Big difference. While this is true, the idea of embodied cognition teaches us that the relationship between our mind and body runs both ways, meaning our mind influences the way our body reacts, but the form of our body also triggers our mind. Meaning, although one is slumped because they are sad, they are in fact sad because they are slumped. 

According to esteemed social psychologist Amy Cudder, being conscious of your posture isn’t about displaying confidence to others around you; it’s actually about changing what you communicate to your brain. Confidence increases the levels of testosterone and decreases levels of cortisol (the stress hormone). Thus, being mindful of your posture affects the hormones that your brain releases. “When people sit or stand with their bodies taking up space, arms expanded, legs open, they produce more testosterone and less stress hormones” says Amy.

Our brain and our bodies aren’t mutually exclusive. This synergistic relationship is one that you will subconsciously witness for as long as you are alive. And YOU have CONTROL over it.

 Good posture= happy brain

Happy Brain = Good thoughts about the self


Additionally, decision making is affected when we are not aligned in good energy producing posture because our brain releases hormones that match the message of our body. Here are some small ways that you can improve your posture:

  • Hang photos of people you love slightly higher on the wall or above your desk so that you have to look up
  • Adjust your rear view mirror slightly higher so that you have to sit up taller while driving
  • Think of your favorite ballerina and channel his/her posture

Benefits of Good Posture:

  • It lifts your self-confidence. Think of big presentations and first dates.
  • Sitting up straight lowers your fears
  • It helps optimize your breathing. Good posture opens your chest cavity and allows more oxygen to enter the body and brain.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I hope that you will work towards improving the energy that you put out about yourself.

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