There’s More To Life Than Making Yourself Small To Make Other People Feel Comfortable

February 27, 2016

By Akosua Edwards

Until you stop apologizing for what you want and own it, it can’t be yours. You’ll be letting someone else run your life. And while that can seem safe and comfortable, we both know there is more in life than pleasing other people.

There’s more to life than making yourself small to make other people feel comfortable.  Iyanla Vanzant

What do you desire? Is it a different job, a healthier relationship, a house on the beach, a trip around the world?

Do you want to open your own business?

What exactly do you dream and desire?

Do you have a vision for it? Do you see it, smell it, taste it?

Does it burn a fire inside you?


So what are you doing to realize these dreams?

Are you putting in the work or are you putting it off because of the excuses you have made?

Yes, I said excuses!

If you are making up stories instead of putting in the work, then yes, those are excuses. And many of us make excuses mostly because of fear! Fear of failure, fear of being called crazy, fear of the unknown, fear of upsetting other folks and sometimes fear of fear itself!

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