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March 6, 2016

Travel is one of Mashonda Tifrere’s favorite past times. As a woman with Caribbean roots, the sun and the beach is second nature. She’s visited over 25 beaches and over 30 countries across the globe and counting. I sat down with Mashonda to get to know a bit about what travel does for her heart and spirit. Read our short Q&A below.

What is your first travel memory?

My first travel memory was going to London with my family at the age of 3. My parents dressed me up in this yellow baby doll dress and from the looks of the picture I sat really content and ready. I was always fascinated  by planes.


I know that you’ve gone on several solo trips. Can you share how solo trips help women grow spiritually.

I believe that in order to evolve, one must take time out alone to completely understand the levels of self work. Being able to travel alone gives you the advantage of having time to understand where you are in your own life, the things you need to focus on and the things you need to work on to be a better person. You find a very unique place of clarity, things that were foggy before, become very clear when you travel or spend time alone.

In the silent moments, those things are the loudest.


Do you have any travel rituals that you practice at each destination? 

When I travel I like to take with me my favorite candle and medicinal oils. There are properties in each of my oils that will target whatever it is that I want to feel at the moment, whether it be joy, energy, relaxation. I also like to take the first day out to just relax and unwind instead of sight seeing and doing the normal tourist things. I like to take in the natural elements that are close by; whether it be the scenery or bare culture of the place that I am visiting.

IMG_1564Name a life changing person or experience from one of your trips.

Visiting Capetown, South Africa and embracing the children of the neighborhood was very life changing for me. Experiencing the natural joy of the children through their native dance is one of my fondest memories.

You could tell that material things weren’t a part of their daily lives.

There is so much more to the world than where we are in our daily lives. It’s important to make time to explore through travel as much as possible. Not only will you broaden your horizons on life, but in a way you’ll be able to share yourself and give back to those who you encounter.

What do you gain from your travels?

When I travel I allow my current reality to diffuse and I become more in touch with the present moment. It gives me an opportunity to add a new experience to my journey. I also love to introduce my son to new cultures and traditions. Having him be a part of an experience is always a joy. It’s amazing to see excitement in a child’s eyes when they are witnessing something new.




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